ME & CFS Service no longer providing letters in support of benefit claims

As of last week the ME & CFS Service are no longer providing these letters.  The decision has been made by the Provider of the Service (ECCH) without consulting patients even though this support has been provided for many years.  These letters are very much valued by patients.  It appears to be a cost cutting measure which will disproportionately affect the severely affected who are least able to access GP services.

The DWP state ''When deciding benefit entitlement it is essential that the right decision is reached.  Up to date and relevant information is central to this process.''

Our group has already been in touch with Commissioners and the Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee regarding this significant change in service provision.  In the meantime it would be very helpful if we could pass on any comments via the 'Contact Us' tab that you would like to make regarding this change and how it will affect you.  Comments will be kept anonymous.