Joint HOSC 16/01/09

At this meeting NHS Gt Yarmouth & Waveney stated that:
- there had been provisional agreement to the draft service model pending agreed amendments/additions
- when the service model was agreed there would be a 3 month consultation
- no changes would be made to the current service until the new specification was agreed
- the changes to the service in 2005 did not amount to a 'substantial variation' to the service
- attention was to be focussed on moving to a service that fitted in with NICE Guidelines

Concern was raised re
- the lack of consensus between the NHS and Patient/Carer Representatives regarding the shape of the new ME/CFS Service
- the length of time it would take to put the new service into place and the level of care provided in the meantime
- inequality of care for people with ME/CFS

Joint Committee to revisit when the revised service specification drawn up.

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