ME/CFS: Service Development Meeting 01/07/10

Work is ongoing to secure a biomedical consultant and for further clinic locations in Norfolk. There are problems with identifying appropriately trained healthcare professionals to work in Suffolk. The challenge of training GP's is recognised. However it is hoped that when a consultant is in place the profile of the service will be raised.

The current service is not based on what patients have told the NHS they want, and does not provide the service model which has been commissioned by the 3 PCT's. There is a high level of unmet need especially with regard to ongoing care and acute care. NHS Gt Yarmouth & Waveney agreed that the current service can be 'tweaked' while waiting for the new service to be put in place.

Concern was expressed that the Equality and Diversity Statement signed in November 2009 by NHS Gt Yarmouth & Waveney Provider Arm. In answer to the question 'Is there a known public concern with this service?' The reply was 'no'.

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