Meeting of the Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee (HOSC) 26 October 2018 - Meeting Documents

The documents for the meeting of the Joint HOSC on 26 October can be found here.  

The Patient / Carer Group is grateful to the Joint HOSC for their continued scrutiny of the ME and CFS Service in Norfolk and Suffolk. 

A representative of the Patient / Carer Group will be attending the meeting. A presentation will be given at the discretion of the Chair of the Joint HOSC.  

Information Requests

You will see that there is a considerable amount of information regarding the ME and CFS Service which can be found from page 13 onward.

Detailed information has been requested from the Clinical Commissioning Groups who purchase the service and East Coast Community Health (ECCH) who provide the service.  

The Joint HOSC has considered this information and information submitted to previous Joint HOSC meetings.  The Joint HOSC has also considered their previous recommendations regarding the ME and CFS Service.  The Joint HOSC have detailed their suggested approach in the light of the updated information received from the NHS.

Joint HOSC Papers

There are five main sections dividing up the Joint HOSC papers regarding the ME and CFS Service:

  1. Purpose of the meeting and details of the information requested from the CCG's and ECCH: page 13 
  2. Detailed background: page 14 
  3. Suggested approach by the Joint HOSC after the lead CCG and ECCH have presented their reports: page 16 
  4. Action that the Joint HOSC may wish to consider taking: page 17 
  5. Report from the NHS in response to the request for detailed information by the Joint HOSC; Appendix A: page 19 onward

Key Focus Areas

(a) An update on the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and East Coast Community Healthcare’s (ECCH) work to improve ME/CFS services in Norfolk and Suffolk.

(b) Examination of the level of information provided to primary care about ME/CFS and the services available in Norfolk and Suffolk and the information made available to the public in various healthcare settings.

(c) Examination of the divergence in the ME/CFS services commissioned by Norfolk and Suffolk CCGs.

The Joint HOSC papers make reference to an Open Letter dated 8 October 2018 from the Patient / Carer Group sent to the Norfolk and Waveney Joint Strategic Commissioning Committee.  This letter is linked to the next post.

25 October 2018