ME/CFS Service Development Meeting 18/07/12

Summary of points raised
  • General Update
    • Norfolk LINk has not prepared minutes of the last meeting
    • Agreed that all papers to be discussed to be circulated at least 7 days prior to the meeting and hardcopies to be sent out if requested
    • NHS Norfolk currently in the process of transferring staff and responsibilities to the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG's)
    • The first CCG board meeting has taken place and they will take on the work of the ME/CFS Group
    • A rep from the CCG's and HealthEast to be invited to the next meeting
    • The group wished to sign off the specification at the next meeting in September so the CCG's can take it forward
  • Service Specification
    • Detailed discussion regarding the service specification including discussion of written submissions from those unable to be present
    • Revised service specification to be circulated
    • Key performance indicators for the new service also discussed
  • Current Service
    • Both therapy and GP input increased (5 GPwSI)
    • Service in Lowestoft, Gt Yarmouth, Halesworth, Norwich and hoping also to move into Kings Lynn
    • Waiting time for diagnosis 18 weeks, GP referral 14 weeks
    • Concerns raised re staff training as some complaints had been recevied via the support groups from patients using the service.
    • If patients don't want to complain formally concerns can be passed on anonymously via support groups or this group and then to the manager of the service to address